Art Pottery Manufacturers & Collectors

Art Pottery has been defined as ceramics (earthenware, stoneware or porcelain) created with an artistic and decorative intent. Join us in exploring the remaining factory manufacturers of Art Pottery.

This site has an extensive list of links to art pottery collectors’ societies and information about historical art pottery, as well. Feel free to send me information on anything I’ve missed. Also, please feel free to link to any pages.

Check the new section "buy pottery" which may be of interest to modern art pottery collectors.

Also, I would like to extend an invitation to signup at the Old and Antique Pottery Community to discuss various collecting subjects like values, interesting wares / websites or whatever comes to mind!

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Making Bowl on Wheel

This site is dedicated to helping to sustain the remaining Art Pottery companies. I am hoping to have links to all the ‘factory’ Art Pottery companies (avoiding the numerous ‘craft potters who do hand made work). I am arbitrarily defining the cutoff as $500,000 per year in sales (or that level at some time in the past) or 10 or more employees. The focus is on American businesses, but will consider adding others.

Please use the contact button above to get, or leave, more information. I would like to receive information about any companies that were missed.


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