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     My involvement in this pottery website began fairly unusually.  But first I'll start way back when I was a kid.  Back then I would often accompany my mother and father to antique shops.  As time passed, and I grew, so did my knowledge and appreciation for old stuff.  It wasn't until I wan in my thirties, and a homeowner, that I narrowed my focus and collecting desires toward art pottery.  My wife and I would relentlessly attend auctions, estate sales, flee markets, you name it.  If there was a chance to discover a collectible piece of antique art pottery, I was there!  As the years flew by, the wife became an ex, but my love of pottery remained.  Now that I was free to control my own schedule, ;)~ I tried my hand at throwing items with clay.  To make a really long story shorter, I was terrible at it!  So, I turned my attention back to collecting and left pottery design to the professionals.

     Having a background in the Information Technology field, I taught myself web design.  Naturally, I would use this knowledge to merge my two favorite hobbies, computing and collecting.  In November of 2010, I put my website - Antique Pottery online. (Check it out sometime.)  While searching the Internet for good link partners, I stumbled upon Art Pottery Manufacturers & Collectors which had been online since 2008.  On the homepage was the following statement:

  "NOTE: I will no longer be able to keep this site up. If anyone is interested in maintaining it, please let me know. Thanks."

     Upon reading this I hurriedly sent an email and hoped to hear back.  Well, I did hear back, and here we are!  Since there was already good information on the site, and was getting visitors, I kept much of the original content and added some of my own. [which also includes the pottery shopping outlet, which I hope will generate enough revenue to keep both pottery sites up]

     Incidentally, I later discovered that the gentleman who gave me the website also happened to be the owner of Frankoma Pottery Company!  His original website vision was to help advertise and sustain existing art pottery manufacturers.  As I was re-working this site, I tried to honor his original concept & intention while also implementing ways to earn enough scratch to keep both websites operational.  Only time will tell if I've done that successfully...

     Well, that's about it for now.  Please drop by the pottery forum (link above) and leave a note, if the mood strikes. 

I hope you enjoy your time here & thanks for visiting,


PS - Thanks a bunch Joe!

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