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     This page is for qualified art pottery appraisal firms. If you know of any, please let me know (including their areas of specialization) and I will add them. NOTE: I do not know any of these businesses personally and can not make any recommendations. Use any of these appraisers at your own risk.  Good luck...


* Antique Appraisals (all types of antiques and pottery)

* Antiques Road Show (program on PBS of course)

* Appraisal Day (reviews all manner of old items and antiques)

* Just Art Pottery Service ($15.95 for first item. One of the few sites that specializes in art pottery.)

* Instappraisal (Note - this site is run by hobbyists rather than professionals, so take the prices / values with a grain of salt, it is however FREE.)

* Pottery Values (resources were you can find out what antique art pottery is worth.)

* Art Resources (listing of all types of appraisers & related services)

* Professional Appraisers and Liquidators (all types of antiques)

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