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I’m attempting to list all the sites I can find representing collectors’ groups or information on specific types of art pottery. If the site is primarily set up to sell art pottery, I have not included it.  I am in the process of updating this page.  You'll notice that there are links that are in light grey & not underlined.  Those particular sites either no longer exist, or where down when I recently visited them.  I intend to continue purging and updating the list as time permits & re-searching for missing clubs before removing their text.  I have also begun adding a few word description of the sites content with the link.  You can help with any errors or, art pottery collector sites that I've failed to include, by filling out the contact form.  Thanks!

Last Updated: 12/2010

Interested in American Antique Pottery?

Abington Pottery Collector’s Club (one collector’s story)

Agora (20th Century ceramics magazine, based in Austrailia)

American Art Pottery Association (promotes art pottery)

American Ceramic Circle (nonprofit for study of ceramics)

American Potters (searchable database of art potters)

Amphora (samples and general info)

Amphora Collectors (International Amphora collectors society)

Arkansas Art Pottery (Niloak, Camark, Ouachita art pottery)

Arkansas Pottery Collectors Club (Arkansas art pottery)

Art Nouveau Pottery (Amphora, Zsolnay, etc)

Art Pottery and Industrial Art Pottery (history and links)

Art Tiles (Alhambra, Encaustic, Moravian, etc)

Arts and Crafts Movement History (listing of arts and crafts potters)

Artesania Rinconada Collectors Club (ceramic animals)

Articles on Collecting Pottery (published articles)

Ashtead Potters Limited (collectors of Ashtead pottery)

Australasian Shelley Collectors Club - USA Shelley Collectors (Staffordshire England pottery)

Autumn Leaf Collectors Club (Hall China & Jewel Tea Companies)

Aynesley Collectors’ Society (English China)

Banks (pottery banks from all sources)

Bauer Pottery Collectors 2000

Bauer Boys Pottery

Bauer Quarterly

Jim Beam Decanters Club

Beauce Pottery

Belleek International Collectors’ Association

Belleek Porcelain

Beswick and Royal Doulton Collectors Club

Blue and White Pottery Club (Uhl, spongeware, Utica, etc)

Blue Mountain Pottery Collectors Club

Blue Ridge Collectors Club

Blue Ridge Dinnerware

Border Fine Arts Society (figurines)

Borsato Collectors Club

Bread Plates (bread plates from all sources)

Becky Brown

William Brownfield Ceramics

Online Guide to Brush McCoy Pottery

Brush McCoy Identification

W.C. Bunting

Camark (art pottery from Camden, Arkansas)

Camark Antique Pottery (art pottery from Camden, Arkansas)

Camark Pottery History

Canadian Pottery

Canberra Potters’ Society

Cape Cod Potters

Cardew Collectors’ Club (teapots)

Carlton Ware Collectors International

Carlton Ware Info

Carlton Ware Worldwide

Carr China Collectors’ Club

Ceramic and Glass Circle of Australia

Ceramic Art Studio Collectors (check out their annual convention)

Ceramics Ireland

Antique Chinese Porcelain

Chintz China Collector (also Shelley, Royal Winton)

Clay Beer Bottles (glass, clay, stoneware bottles)

Clarice Cliff Collectors Society

Cliftwood Art Pottery

Collectics (for collectors of all types. Check out the pottery stuff)

Collectors Clubs (various) contact information

Cookie Jar Association

Cookie Jars (cookie jars from all sources)

Susie Cooper Collectors Group

Cowan Pottery Collectors

Fieldings Crown Devon Collectors Club

Crown Devon Collectors Club International

Crown Lynn Collectors Group

Currier and Ives Dinnerware (Royal China)

Czech Pottery

Dedham Pottery Collectors Society

Denby China Find (stocks of all types of Denby China for your collection)

Derby Porcelain International Society

Dragon Ware

Dryden Pottery

Ecanada Art Pottery

Edgefield Pottery

Egg Coddlers

Egg Cups

Empire Porcelain Info

Farnham Pottery Wares

Fiesta Fanatic

Fiesta Medium Green

Fiesta Pages

Michael’s Fiesta Page

Florence Ceramics Collectors Society

Flow Blue

Flow Blue History

Flow Blue International Collectors’ Club

Fort Dodge Stoneware Collector’s Society

Franciscan, Gladding McBean Collectors Society

Frankoma Family Collectors Association (Frankoma art pottery collectors)

Christopher Worth’s Frankoma Page

French Porcelain Society

Friends of Blue Society

Fulper Pottery

Fulper Pottery Examples

Fulper Pottery History

How to Collect Fulper Pottery

German Ceramic Boxes

Gladding McBean

Gonder Collectors Club

Gouda Pottery and Delftware

Grueby Haeger Animals

Haeger Pottery Collectors Online

Hagen Renaker Collector’s Club

Hall Pottery

Hall China Collectors Association

Hall China Collectors’ Club

Wonderful World of Hall China

Hall Pottery History

Handmade Tile Association

Harker Pottery

Haviland Collectors International Foundation

Haviland Online

Head Vase Club

Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association

Homer Laughlin History

Honey Pots (for collectors of pottery honey pots)

Honiton Pottery Collectors’ Society

About Us and Hornsea Pottery

Hornsea Collectors

Hornsea Pottery Collectors

Hornsea and Eastgate Pottery Collectors

Hornsea Pottery Matching Service

Hummel Collectors Club

Hull Pottery Association

Hull Antique Pottery

Illinois Pottery and Stoneware (pottery and stoneware made in Illinois)

Imari Porcelain

International Association of Dinnerware Matchers

Iowa Art Pottery Association

Japanese Pottery Inforamtion

Japanese Pottery Primer

Jugtown Pottery

Just Art Pottery

Kutani Ceramic Home Page

Kutani Ceramic Forum

Langley Mill Pottery Collectors Society

Limoges History

Love Field Pottery

Madison Ceramic Arts

Majolica International Society

Pacific Northwest Majolica Club

Maling Collectors Society

Wonderful World of Mar-Crest

Karl Martz

McCoy Dog Bowls

McCoy Fakes

Antique McCoy Pottery

Chiquita’s McCoy Pottery

McCoy Lovers

McCoy Pottery Group

McCoy Pottery

McCoy Pottery Collector’s Connection

McCoy Pottery Collectors Society

McCoy Pottery Reproductions

Four Generations of McCoy

J&G Meakin


Metlox Nuts

Moorcroft Collectors’ Club

Morton Pottery

Morton Pottery Animals

Muncie Pottery

National Association of Collectors

National Shaving Mug Collectors Association

Native American Pottery

Nemadji Pottery

Nemadji Pottery Collectors Club

New Hampshire Potters Guild


Newcomb Pottery

Niloak Animals

Niloak Pottery

Nippon Collector’s Club

Noritake Collectors Forum

Noritake Collectors Guild

Noritake Collectors’ Society

Japan Old Noritake Collectors’ Club

North Dakota Pottery Collectors Society

North Dakota School of Mines Pottery

Northern Ceramic Society

Northern Colorado Potters Guild

Occupied Japan Club

Ohio River Pottery

Ohio Valley China Collectors

Ohme Porcelain Society

George Ohr Pottery

George Ohr Pottery Fakes

Okura Art China

Old Sleepy Eye Collectors’ Club of America

Ontario Clay and Glass Association

Open Salts Info

Orchard Valley (CA) Ceramic Arts Guild

Oregon Potters Association

Overbeck Pottery

Paragon International Collectors Club

Pewabic Society

My Love of Pfalzgraff

Pfalzgraff America Collectors Club

Pfalzgraff America Collectors Group

Pfalzgraff Tea Rose Group

Pfalzgraff Yorktowne Group

Pickard China Forum

Pickard Collectors Club

Pickard Marks

Piggy Banks

Poole Pottery Collectors

Potteries of Trenton Society

Potters Guild of New Jersey

Potters of the Roan (NC)

Pottery Lovers Reunion

Quimper Club International

Old Quimper Pottery

E. T. B. Radford Collectors Club


Red Wing Collectors Society

Red Wing Dinnerware

Red Wing Wingtips

Restaurant China and Wares Group

Restaurant Ware Collectors Network

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company

Rookwood Pottery Artists

Rookwood (Rookwood art pottery)

Rookwood Steins

Rosemeade Pottery

About Roseville

Roseville History

Evaluating Roseville Pottery

Roseville Pottery Club

Roseville Place

Roseville Pottery Information Center

Roseville Reproductions

More Roseville Reproductions

Royal Bayreuth Collectors Club

Royal China Club

Royal Crown

Derby Collectors Guild

Royal Winton Collectors’ Club Australia

Royal Worcester

RS Prussia Collectors

Sacramento Potters Guild

San Francisco Ceramic Circle

Scandinavian Art Pottery 

Shawnee Animals 

Shawnee Pottery 

Shelley Group (and Wileman)

National Shelley China Club

Soviet Porcelain Collectors Group 

Spode Society 

Staffordshire Dogs 

Staffordshire Figures 

Stahl’s Pottery

Stangl Birds Collectors’ Club

Stangl Pottery

Stangl (and Fulper) Pottery

Stein Collectors International (all types of beer steins)

Beer Stein Library

Beer Steins (German beer steins)

Stoneware and Pottery Enthusiasts 

SylvaC Collectors Circle (and Shaw & Copestake)

All About SylvaC

Tea Leaf Club International

Teco Pottery

Friends of Terra Cotta

Tile Heritage Foundation (art tile) Toledo Potters Guild

Torquay Collectors Society

North American Torquay Society

Totally Teapots

Town & Country (Red Wing)

Transferware Collectors

Triangle Potters Guild (NC)

Twin Winton Collector Club

Uhl Collectors Society

Van Briggle

Van Briggle Collectors

Veisen Pottery (Dutch pottery)

Ventura County (CA) Potters Guild

Vernon Kilns Pottery

Vernon Kilns History

Vernon Kilns Plaid Dinnerware

Wade Collectors Club (figurines)

Wade Pottery

Watt Pottery


Wedgwood International Seminar

Wedgwood Society of Boston

Wedgwood Society of Great Britain

Wedgwood Society of New York

Wedgwood Society of Washington, DC


Weller History

More Weller History

Weller Photos

Weller Pottery Links

White Ironstone China Association

Willow Collectors

David Winter Collectors Guild (cottages)

Wisconsin Pottery Association (art pottery made in Wisconsin & a great resource for antiques)

Wisconsin Stoneware (stoneware made in Wisconsin)

World Organization of China Painters

Eva Zeisel Forum

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