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Durant Kilns Pottery Marks

Bedford Village, New York

Location :


Pottery Production Years :

  1911 - 1930

Pottery Marks and Signatures :

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Company / Artist Description :

Mrs. Clarence C. (Jeanne) Rice began pottery production around 1911-12 with the help of sculptor and glazes from Volkmar Kilns, brought with her assistant Leon Volkmar.  In 1919 Jean passed away and her pottery investment was left to Leon to purchase, which he did in 1924.  In 1930, the Durant Kilns name was dropped and works bore the Volmar signature.  Leon when on to have a very long and successful career.  In addition to creating a great number of art pottery pieces, he taught his craft at Columbia University and the University of Cincinnati. (Many of his students became accomplished potters in theirt own right, including Manual Jalanovich who helped make Jalan Ware.)  Leon died in California in 1959.  Today his works can be viewed at the Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum among others.  Pottery marks until 1919 included the Durant name and the date created. (incised)  After 1919 a stylized "V" was included.  Post 1930, the Roman Numeral "II" was added to distinguish from earlier use.

Help Identify Marks :

durant kinls v II surname

Additional Info :

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