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Edgerton Art Clay Works

Edgerton, Wisconsin

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Also known as - American Art Clay Works and Norse Pottery

The company was organized in June of 1892 by Thorwald P.A. Samson and Louis Ipson both former employees at Pauline Pottery.  Their works mainly consisted of redware and buff clay busts and figures, some of which were bronzed.  For the 1903 Chicago Worlds Fair, they created a life sized bust of Grover Cleveland.  Unfortunately it was destroyed prior to its arrival at the exhibition.  In the approximately 9 year period of operation, (it temporarily closed for 2) there were several different pottery marks including "Sampson Bros. & Co." (1892-95), "Art Clay Works, Edgerton, Wis." (1895-1900), ECW (02-03).  Example drawings of the mark designed are shown above.  Sometimes artists also signed their pottery, especially Nellie Mears (N.E.M) and M. Samson.  Many of their works were not marked.  (This manufacturer turned into Norse Pottery in 1903-04 and relocated to Rockford, Illinois)

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initials A.A.C.W. vase stamp Est'd 1892 E.A.C.W WIS signed

Additional Information :

Wisconsin Historical Society  |  Edgerton Pottery Co. Timeline



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