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Blick White Moist Talc Firing Clay

White Moist Talc Firing Pottery Clay

A very creamy, plastic low-fire white body clay for throwing and hand building, Blick's White Moist Talc Firing Clay is perfect for hobby and school use. It is not talc free, but is ACMI approved for talc content. Its firing range is from cone 06 to 2. The clay comes in a 25 lb (11.3 kg) poly-wrapped package.  Other colors and types of clay are offered at our web store.  Save now and buy in bulk quantities.  Many items have free shipping.

North Star Polaris Slab Roller

North Star Polaris Clay Slab Roller

Two driven rolls 2" diameter by 24" long. Clay is sandwiched between canvas strips, then cranked into the machine. Knurled rolls grip canvas and pull slabs through easily. Wet slabs can be moved on the bottom canvas. Two-roll system gives least warping in kiln. Thickness adjustment from 0 to 2" (64 mm) with no shims or boards. Polaris accepts texturing materials, press molds, and makes tapered slabs. Roll opening and handle can be locked in place. Full five year warranty. Furnished complete with canvas and mounting hardware. Shipping Weight 35 lbs.

Metal Clay Advanced Tool Kit

Metal Clay Advanced Tool Kit

Get Fifteen Handy Tools in One Kit Delphis' certified PMC instructors have created a tool kit no metal clay artist should be without. They have filled it with the tools they and their students use most. 5 Piece File Set Easily file your pieces to perfection with the File Set. Each of the 5 unique high quality files are color coded and attached to a steel ring. 3 Piece Stainless Steel Burnisher Set The rounded tips on the ends of the Burnisher Set ensure you won't scratch your pieces. Use the double ended tools to get six burnishing tips, to burnish even the most intricate pieces of silver clay. 6 Piece Pocket Drill Use the Pocket Drill to hand drill tiny holes and divots into dried metal clay pieces for attaching findings and setting CZ stones. Set of 6 drills store neatly in the handle. Wipe Out Tool The Wipe Out Tool features a double ended rubber-tipped design. Great for smoothing surfaces on clay projects, it can also be used to clean up around engraved designs. Tool Pouch All of the tools fit neatly into the included 5-pocket tool pouch. Tools also available separately.

Art Clay Silver 650 Low Fire Slow Dry Clay - 10 Gm

Art Clay Silver 650 Low Fire Slow Dry Clay - 10 Gm

Dries up to 4 times slower than other metal clays. Fire with a kiln, torch, Speedfire Cone or Hot Pot. Compatible with PMC3. Low Fire Slow Dry Clay consists of pure silver particles, a binding agent and water. During firing, the pure silver particles solidify. This product is pure silver (99.9%) after firing. The special formula of this product allows for combination with glass, porcelain and ceramic materials, and is also suitable for firing with sterling silver findings or wires. The Low Fire Slow Dry Clay contains a moisturizing binder to keep the clay from drying while working. The moister formula allows for braiding, weaving, and generally gives the artist up to 4 times more working time. Working time may vary by the users environment. It is a wonderful product for those who live in dry climates. Note: Unfortunately, we are unable to ship Art Clay outside of North America.

Shimpo Pug Mill

Shimpo Pug Mill

Ideal for reclaiming clay and pugging. Shimpo's pug mill is portable and durable, with a compact design. The heavy duty aluminum body resists corrosion, which prevents clay body contamination. Twin aluminum mixing augers aid in superior blending and mixing. Removable augers and plates facilitate fast and easy clean-up. Dual safety system ignition key allows operator control, and a safety limit switch automatically shuts power when the auger is exposed.  Valuable asset for any pottery studio.

Amaco Decorating Wheel


Amaco Decorating / Banding Wheels

Conveniently compact and stackable for classroom use, this lightweight plastic wheel makes banding, modeling, sculpting and decorating accurate and easy. The plastic wheel head measures 8" (203 cm) in diameter and is very durable.  An inexpensive must have for pottery makers.



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