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Brent Model C

Brent Model C Pottery Wheel

Model C is the standard that no one can match! It continuously handles 225 lb (102 kg) of clay with a 3/4 HP motor. Its poly V belt drive maintains speeds from 0 to 240 RPM. Model C has a 14" (35.6 cm) cast aluminum wheel head that runs on a double row of permanently sealed ball bearings. This wheel will stand daily use by students for years and years. A splash pan and a 14" Plasti-Bat are included. Shipping weight is 117 lb (53 kg). Truck shipment is required. 10-year warranty. CE-certified.

Legend Pottery Wheel

Legend Pottery Wheel

For power and professional performance at a very affordable price. Designed for most studios and classrooms, the Legend features a 1/3 HP motor and will easily center more than 100 pounds of clay. Weighs 117 lbs (53 kg).  Skutt's newest series of removable splash pan wheels feature thick cast pans that are large enough and strong enough to hold a full pan of excess trimmings without coming apart. The clean design of these wheels allows for easier lifting of the wheel head and easy pan removal.

Brent Wheelchair Accessible Power Wheel #16

Wheelchair Accessible Power Pottery Wheel

The Brent No.16 is the ideal potter’s wheel for use in any rehabilitation program. A variable speed power wheel is housed in a frame that was designed in coordination with leading rehabilitation and therapy experts. The Model 16 makes throwing on a wheel possible for persons who otherwise would not have the opportunity — it’s completely wheelchair accessible and may also be used with a standard stool or while standing up. This wheel is mobile and adaptable to the needs of each potter. It can easily be rolled into position on hard rubber casters, fitting through any 36" door. The wheel remains stationary during throwing — four rubber feet raise the casters off the floor to level the wheel and hold it in place.

Laguna Pacifica Glyde Torc 400

Laguna Pacifica Glyde Torc 400 Pottery Wheel

From the heavy, 13" (33 cm) machined aluminum head to the welded steel frame with durable molded top, the Pacifica Glyde Torc 400 gives you long lasting quality. Pacifica's GT400 may not be indestructible, but it's close. The steel frame is engineered to give maximum strength and rigidity without adding unnecessary weight. The steel legs are 2" (5 cm) in diameter and have protective plastic feet. They're welded to the frame and bolted to the heavy duty, one-piece, vacuum formed, laminated table top. Pacifica's large table gives you a great work area. Widely spaced, sturdy steel legs create an untippable unit. It maximizes your work space without adding unnecessary materials and weight to your wheel.

Brent WorkTables

Brent Work Tables

Add versatility and convenience to your Brent Model B, C, CXC, or EX wheel. Brent Work Tables allow you to store clay, modeling tools, brushes, and other supplies on the surface or in cup holders to keep them within arm's reach. Both Brent Work Tables are 1/3" (8 mm) thick and made from the same rigid, easy-to-clean material as the Plasti-Bat . They attach to the front legs of the wheel with steel supports and knobs and can be adjusted independently. Multiple positions are achieved by loosening one or more of the knobs, then raising, lowering or rotating the table in or out to the desired position.

Shimpo RK-Whisper Potter's Wheel

Shimpo RK-Whisper Potter's Wheel

Shimpo's Potter's Wheel is extremely responsive, with high torque at all speeds. It's powerful, and by far the quietest pottery wheel on the market. The ˝ HP, brushless DC motor has a direct drive (no belt) system and a broad speed range for optimum control. A fixed foot pedal with hand lever operates the electronically controlled motor. The motor is reversible for left handed and right handed users. The 12" wheel head and two-piece splash pan are standard. Centers up to 100 lbs.  The wheel head also turns freely, so it can be used as a banding wheel at 0 rpm.

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