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Mexican Pottery Clay

Mexican Pottery Clay - No Fire

Objects modeled with Amaco's Mexican Pottery Clay air-harden without firing and dry to a rich red color similar to Mexican or Indian pottery.  Due to the attractive natural color, pieces require little or no decorating.

Amaco No. 77 Terra Cotta Earthenware Clay

Amaco No. 77 Terra Cotta Earthenware Clay

Terra Cotta is a mixture of finely ground red and buff clays, plus a medium mesh grog. Grog makes fired pottery more porous and reduces cracking, shrinkage and warping. Great for wheel-thrown pots and handmade sculpture, tiles, planters and outdoor pottery.


Nicole Clay Gun  clay gun set

Nicole Clay Gun Set

Turn clay into vines, rope, hair, ribbons, grass and much more. Nineteen different clay shaping discs that make sculpting and modeling easy. Great for making jewelry, claymation, ornaments, models, or any clay project. Tool works well with Sculpey, FIMO, modeling compounds, polymer clays, ceramic -- even bread dough.

Amaco Marblex Self Hardening Clay 5 lb. box gray no-fire clay

Marblex Self Hardening Clay 5 lb. Box Gray No-Fire Clay

Modeled objects are permanent without firing. A gray clay, Amaco Marblex is prepared in plastic form and ready to use. Air dried pieces are hard and durable, but not waterproof. A sealer must be used to make objects waterproof.  Marblex clay is not to be fired in a kiln.


Wood Paddle

Tools - Wooden Paddle

Use these thick baltic birch wood paddles for shaping, hammering, and forming pottery clay. Choose from flat or rope finish. The rope finish paddle is wound with " hollow-braid polypropylene rope.


Kemper Pottery Tool Kit

Kemper Pottery Tool Kit

Quality tools of finest stainless steel and select, smooth hardwood. Includes a potter's rib, steel scraper, wood modeling tool, needle tool, ribbon tool, loop tool, sponge, and wire clay cutter.

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